Nike Vs Oakley Marketing

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The marketing segments, target market, and four “P’s”, can clearly make a huge difference in how a product is perceived by consumers, and just as two similar products can be marketed completely differently, two different products can be marketed very similarly. Nike tennis shoes and Oakley sunglasses are two products that have very similar marketing strategies, and it all starts with the market segments and the target market. Both Nike and Oakley use psychographic, demographic, and behavioral segmentation. Nike and Oakley focus their marketing on both genders who have active lifestyles, have a generous and stable income and are interested in sports. In addition, they both target athletes. They target athletes by sponsoring professional athletes…show more content…
If a consumer walks into a retail, store and all of the shoes on display at the front of the shoe section are Adidas than the consumer will probably feel that the store is recognizing Adidas as a better brand and therefore be more likely to purchase that brand. This means that Nike and Oakley both need to have premium placement in store in order to make their products stand out from other shoes and sunglasses, as well as be able to justify their hefty price tags. In a retail store like Dicks Sporting Goods, Nike tennis shoes are at the beginning of the shoe section. This draws consumers to their tennis shoes. Another factor that helps consumers locate the shoes in store is their orange box. Every Nike tennis shoe comes in the same orange box and by doing this, consumers are easily able to identify the packaging and they then gravitate to those shoes. Unlike, tennis shoes, people do not buy sunglasses seasonally, so Oakley has to work significantly harder to draw attention to their sunglasses. Unfortunately, since the sunglasses are small and expensive, Oakley keeps the product locked up, making them almost nonexistent to retail store shoppers and in the end, it deters customers from purchasing the products in…show more content…
This promotion tactic allows Oakley to sell their sunglasses for more because they are providing the customer exactly what they request and because the specific pair the consumer wants is not mass produced. Oakley also has premium placement on different retailer sites, but so do other high end sunglasses brands such as Ray-Bans. However, Oakley’s are recognized for their outstanding quality and are actually cheaper than Ray-Bans, which gives them a chance to capture more of the market share. Oakley also relies on word of mouth marketing from consumers who believe in the brand and feel that they are the best quality sunglasses on the market. Nike also utilizes the promotion tactic of being able to design and order a unique pair of tennis shoes that fits different people’s tastes online. By giving consumers the ability to design their own product on a company’s website, it helps to increase the traffic on that website and it makes consumers feel that the company sees consumer’s wants and needs as a priority. Nike also has great placement for their tennis shoes online. When looking at Dicks Sporting Goods website, and selecting either men’s or women’s footwear, it displays different shoe categories. For almost every category a Nike tennis shoe is featured, this not only makes the customer want that specific shoe, but it
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