Nike's Code Of Ethics

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Nike is a great and famous company around the world for its brand. However, we have heard of various human rights problems, working conditions and payments in its companies in Asia or in the Middle East. An important step for a business is to select those markets that offer the best profit potential. Also in an industry or a market, for a business it is important to determine the benchmark for its competitive position. The external market meters for product quality, service quality, consumer satisfaction, brand awareness and market share are significant markets meters that refer to the strength of a competitive business position. But, how did Nike come to that situation through its expansion strategy. Internal meters such as unit cost, time of the next cycle, product delivery costs, unpaid invoices, and sales per employee are equally important for the benchmark and ability management to compete. Applying strict working and environmental standards increases the cost of the firm. For this the protection of workers and the environment should be…show more content…
I believe in every profit they make companies have profits in mind. Every decision is adjusted not to touch too much profit. While expanding in other countries, for Nike would have been better to create a working environment that is in compliance with her code of ethics. The company although not directly should have felt responsible for those workers that created its products. Nike should have taken full responsibility of the situation. I think accepting that the agreement made was not a good one and taking measures to improve the situation might have created a better light for Nike. Expanding not only through agreements but merging with the market, culture and improve the working environment boosts employee morale and also fights bad phenomena like poor working conditions, child labor and other factors that impact negatively the world we

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