Nike's Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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The multinational apparel corporation, Nike, in their commercials “Shades of Unlimited,” Oscar Isaac narrates a variety of athletes, known and unknown, are putting themselves through rigorous training and preforming amazing feats, Chance the Rapper raps over videos of NBA and WNBA players, A cover of Pursuit of Happiness, by artist “Lissie” plays over female athletes training, Bobby Cannavale giving an inspirational speech to current famous athletes infant selves, Mo Farah narrating over himself training, Allyson Felix’s brother narrates in the background, explaining what drives her and why he admires her, Serena Williams talking about her struggles both on her path to being one of the best, and the present.
Nike’s purpose is to redefine their tag line, “Just Do It,” by showing a multitude of athletes preforming different stunts which seem impossible to do and the narrator freaking out over said stunts. Isaac first speaks with an inspirational tone, saying anyone has the ability to be an amazing athlete in their own right, then becoming excited when the athletes begin preforming more intense feats, in order to appeal to the audience that they’re experiencing the same state of awe.
Nike begins their commercial,
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“Shades of Unlimited” uses three of the fifteen basic advertising appeals. Firstly, the commercial uses the need to achieve. Throughout the beginning of the commercial, different people practicing their sport are shown and told by the narrator, Oscar Isaac, that they’ll accomplish something great. The need to achieve has to deal with the audience wanting to accomplish something impressive. “Shades of Unlimited” lets the audience do just that. After watching the series of commercials, the idea of wanting to do something incredible is instilled in them (especially in children, who are easily
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