Nike's Rhetorical Analysis: Just Do It

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Many people are familiar with the phrase, “Just Do It.” This slogan stands out immediately and a swoosh or check mark comes to mind. Nike is one of the most widely known clothing and shoe companies across the country. During a Nike advertisement there are three rhetorical strategies that are displayed when shown on a commercial. Those three main ideas are pathos, ethos, and logos. Nike draws in peoples’ attention and gets viewers to agree with them and buy their product with the help of these three factors. Nike is a very successful company because of how they draw in their audience and display their commercials using ethos, pathos, and logos. The company Nike just celebrated their 25th “Just Do It” anniversary. The commercial is filled with …show more content…

Pathos means to show emotions and feelings (Britannica Academic). The way Nike shows pathos in all of their advertisements and their “Just Do It” commercial is by the usage of a personal story, pictures, and the type of music that is played throughout the advertisement commercial. The clothing and shoe company uses inspiration, motivation, eagerness, excitement, and many other ideas to create an illusion to draw attention. When the intent of some of these are provided on a television, viewers want to keep watching and become interested. Throughout the video, slow music is not being played. The producers of these commercials know this does not draw in a crowd and know that they need to use fast, up beat, inspiring music to draw peoples’ attention. The players, athletes, and people involved in the video clip are all showering in Nike attire with bright colors and designs and the big symbol they are known for is visible for everyone to see. In some of the propaganda, a player may be shown as mediocre with very little Nike attire, but as the publication goes on, the athlete is wearing all Nike and becomes an excellent competitor. This shows the audience that if they wear their products they will become better and well rounded. Another example Nike uses pathos is by using an athlete that once had multiple failures and has turned their failures into success. When this is applied to a commercial, it gives viewers positive ideas and

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