Supply Chain: Nike Shoes

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Now days with current unpredictable environments within which organizations operate in, organization are been forced to adopt various strategies that ensure their survival in the industries that they serve. In tense computation is present in market place. This essay is going to talk about the supply chain about a specific product .This product or the brand is Nike shoes. The supply chain consists of all parties involved, directly or indirectly, in fulfilling a customer request. The supply chain not only includes the manufacturers and suppliers, but also transporters, warehouses, retailers and customers themselves. Within each organization, such as manufacturing, the supply chain includes all functions involved in receiving and filling…show more content…
The relationship between suppliers and customers can be defined as the relationship between the supply chain partners and the business links in the supply chain. It usually results to strong business links. The two main types of relationship of any supply chain are vertical relations and horizontal relations. Nike's vertical relations are relationships existing between firms that are in the supply chain for example distribution retailer and manufactures. The scope of vertical integration ranges for the production of the product to the replenishment of the product in the retailers or distributors shelves. For Nike vertical integration it exists in the supply chain is between the…show more content…
Every partner has a significant role to play in the relationship since any partner pulling out would normally mean that the supply chain cannot be complited.The second type is the horizontal relations. On the other hand include business relations between firms that have parallel positions in the logistic process. In this type of relations, different firms collaborate with in order to achieve a set main objective which will be different depending on the task at hand. In Nike's case, the company places much emphasis on this type of relations since they are the ones that make company remain competitive market that the company operates in. Nike's horizontal relation consists of various suppliers, distributors, retailers and manufactures. The next phase the overall cost structure of the product, average profit margins. Keeping a tight grip on costs is critical to any company’s profitability and for shareholder returns. Some of NIKE margins are lower than those of its competitors. The company’s gross profit margin, in particular, has trailed that of its rivals Under Armor VF Corporation Lulu lemon Athletic and Adidas. Also NIKE plans to expand its gross profit margin by an average of 0.3% to 0.5% per year

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