Nikki Giovanni Ego-Tripping Poem Summary

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Even though a culture has gone through drastic time should society be ashamed or willing to embrace it? Nikki Giovanni, a poet and civil rights activist, wrote the poem Ego-Tripping which was published in 1972. The poem is about how the Nikki Giovanni speaks of her origin resembling as a female god for those who admire her remarkable strength and power to embrace the culture she holds. By making herself a goddess who holds all these accomplishments, she gives African-Americans hope that success will reign in their path. For example, creating the Nile from the tears of her birth pains bringing life to Egypt. Furthermore, she claims that she is as swift as a gazelle noting that those who see her as prey will not catch her. Nikki’s confidence and power give her admirers a chance in believing that anything is possible. The poem Ego-Tripping was written during the time of the Reconstruction Era guaranteeing African-American equal rights. One case being the 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson case which upheld separate but equal facilities for black and whites. In like manner, the 1954 Brown v. Board…show more content…
She believes if African-American women were as confident, and strong as her they will be successful. In addition, by making herself this powerful goddess who exercises her language as an art form which is a way for African-American women to showcase strength and power. Nikki does not acknowledge equality for just some women but she wants equality for all women and sexism is something that requires rejection. In line 7 of “Ego-Tripping,” Nikki says that, “She is bad” emphasizing how astonishing of a woman she is for the many plentiful accomplishments she holds giving her that incredible sense of identity. According to Nikki Giovanni in lines 47-51 of Ego-Tripping she stresses that any goal is achievable if faith is on the
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