Nikki Giovanni Speech

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Nikki Giovanni has voice that is not afraid to speak what is on her mind. She strives to foster that same confidence in students and listeners through her educational practices and poems. Her methods and ideals are similar to ideas of revolutionizing the education system proposed by the influential educator Paulo Freire. Her powerhouse messages of encouragement and unorthodox learning have influenced the way I see the world around me. When I think of Nikki Giovanni now I have very vivid memories, ideas, and ideas about how I view education and the world around me. However, to truly understand how influential Giovanni I need to you a story. Traumatic scenes framed by petals falling from their trees spread across millions of screens around the globe. A gory and life altering event had occurred. A tragedy that struck the hearts and cores of people’s beings. Thirty two lives lost. The chaos and suffering caused by a lone gunman. A disaster that will forever remain in the history of university campuses. In the aftermath of the initial shooting vigils were held, tears were shed, and communities gathered together in an attempt to comfort and start the long and difficult healing process. The president visited the site to offer condolences. Guests gave speeches to attempt to lift the spirits of…show more content…
We all went to IHop. There over our pancakes and sausages someone paraphrased Nikki Giovanni’s “We are Virginia Tech” poem and we were all empathetic. From my experience people tend to not understand the relationship and power poetry can have on our lives and society as a whole. Even though I myself write poems occasionally and create paintings which I consider poetry for the eye, I find myself taking for granted the valuable service people like Nikki Giovanni provide to our society and our cultural
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