Nikola Tesla Accomplishments

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Throughout history, many people have had a significant impact on the world. Some of these people impacted the world negatively, while others focused on leaving a positive imprint on society. Nikola Tesla left an irrefutable signature on the world by inventing or working with the X-ray, radio communication, artificial lightning, the Tesla coil, and the polyphase alternating current motor.

As undervalued as Tesla was, without him, life today wouldn’t be as simple. As a child, he believed he could do great things. Always fascinated by Niagara Falls and how great it would be to harness the power of it, no one had the time to take notice of his brilliance. His father was a priest, who was determined on helping Tesla become a priest just like
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Along with his belief to control water for power, he had made several prototypes even by the time he was nine. His most successful invention was a water powered egg beater. At this point his teachers believed that he must’ve been cheating when they saw his work. He was considered a child prodigy and in later years, he tested above the 95th percentile in an IQ test, meaning his score was 200 or over. When someone said something wasn’t possible, Tesla proved them…show more content…
In his spare time, he worked hard on it only to be laughed at when he presented it. Edison soon became Tesla’s enemy. Tesla quit his job working for him within the same year. His first life-changing invention was in 1888 with the AC generators. He sold the patents he had gotten to an industrialist named George Westinghouse. Westinghouse helped make Tesla more known.

Westinghouse used Nikola’s AC generator for what Tesla had dreamed of as a boy, his generator was used to harness Niagara Falls’ power. Tesla was never given credit for any of his accomplishments. He was a pioneer in radio communication, but Guglielmo Marconi had taken credit for Tesla’s first inventions. He had an extensive knowledge of law after his first inventions were misappropriated.

Tesla worked for a very long time with Westinghouse. He sold Nikola’s patents and he featured his inventions in various events and places. The most famous invention he had made was the Tesla Coil. It is a high frequency coil that is still used in TVs and radios. In 1898, he invented the first radio-controlled boat, one of the most known inventions stolen from him by Marconi, he started to become more famous for Tesla’s inventions. Tesla still persevered with his
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