Nikola Tesla Accomplishments

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There are some individuals in history that people imagine when they think of genius; the first few men to come to mind might be Leonardo Da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, and for many Nikola Tesla ranks among those same men. Imagine a world, if you will, where death rays shoot missiles out of the sky in an effort to stop war, man manipulating weather, a world-wide wireless communication system, and that world wireless system being used to distribute power to the world over. Although some of those ideas may seem impossible, to the man Nikola Tesla they were not. In fact, they were endeavors that he worked his entire life pursuing. However, with such grandiose claims came much skepticism, which Tesla undoubtedly faced.
Despite a life full of naysayers and doubters, Tesla was head strong and determined to prove to his peers, and even mentors, that he was capable. He relentlessly worked and proved all of those who had doubted him wrong. Our world has seen the wonders of his imagination come to life and Tesla’s significance to our world
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Tesla was very clear in his determination that he was not simply an inventor, like his rival Thomas Edison, but was an innovator; he was a man who discovered new concepts and revolutionized old ideas to bring about change. Despite his self-confidence in his work, Tesla spent many years facing opposition of his ideas on alternating current. Tesla’s professor at one of the colleges he attended “who taught the courses on motors and generators claimed the development of AC motors and generators was an impossible idea” (Rybak 41). Many individuals would have given up on their hopes and dreams of making their creation come to life. Just imagine knowing that you had a revolutionary idea, yet, no one would truly listen. Luckily for the world, Tesla was not easily deterred and made up for the lack of faith his peers and mentors
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