Nikola Tesla Vs. Thomas Alva Edison: Who Was Better?

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Nikola Tesla vs. Thomas Alva Edison: Who was better?
Nikola Tesla was an unfamed Serbian-American inventor who made many inventions based on the use of electricity more efficiently and contributed to many advances in the use of non-wired transmission of electricity as well as other methods of the transmission of electricity. His more famed rivalry, Thomas Alva Edison, was an American inventor who invented many famous inventions also based on the use of electricity, the transmission of electricity, and electrical devices. Both inventors of the ninetieth and twentieth century redefined and expanded the uses and the understanding of electricity. Both of Tesla’s and Edison’s inventions are very important to acknowledge because without them, we would not be able to use efficient and reliable electricity anymore. Also, our lives would have been shockingly difficult without these inventions because it would be more
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AC is “safe to transfer over longer city distances and can provide more power.”( Because of AC’s ability to transmit electricity for larger distances much quicker, AC is far more superior to Direct Current(DC). To expand on that, Direct Current can only transmit electricity in one direction every mile, whereas AC can transmit electricity for larger distances and much quicker. Also, Direct Current’s disability to transmit electricity farther makes it less reliable than AC. To add on to that, Alternating Current is the world’s most dominant source for transmitting electricity because of its reliability and efficiency. However, DC is superior to AC solely in one aspect because Alternating current cannot supply enough electric energy to produce heat energy. Overall, Tesla’s Alternating Current is better in almost every aspect than Edison’s Direct
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