Nikola Tesla's Impact On Society

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Nikola Tesla didn’t exactly become the most inspiring or famous inventor, but with the way he impacted modern life, he certainly seems like he should be the one to do it. His creations were part of the movement to change the lives of many around the world. Tesla even theorized and created the form of electric transmission, which beat that of Thomas Edison and still remains the world’s choice. All said, Nikola Tesla may have single-handedly changed the way we live today with his countless inventions and innovations in technology, impacting our lives with products like radio transmission and the alternating-current system.

Leading to Nikola Tesla’s success as an inventor was simply how effective he was with his inventions and how effective the inventions were. Tesla invented many things, some of which we still use today (“Nikola”, n.d.). Just some of his famous inventions include the tesla coil, which is in use in radio transmission today, and alternating-current, which is also in use today (“Nikola Tesla”, 1998). Some of Tesla’s ideas grew more outlandish as he grew older, however, and most of those projects ended up as failures. These include, but
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DC battle, and just think of how it impacted society. Well, making an impact on society is exactly what inventors do for a living besides, well, inventing. Remember Tesla vs. Edison and AC vs. DC? AC won and we still use it today (“Nikola”, n.d.). Now, think about if we did not have power or air conditioning. Well, Tesla, with his inventions, helped to change that, along with legendary inventors like Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, and others (“Nikola”, n.d.). He did develop many inventions, important inventions too (“Nikola Tesla”, 1998). He patented almost everything, too, and he died holding over 700 patents (“Nikola”, n.d.). As I mentioned earlier, he also could have been the inspiration for wireless transmission through his failed attempt to make it (“Nikola”,
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