Nils Christie's Conflicts As Property

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Our legal system has progressively become less and less concerned with the victim. Focus has been misplaced on the state and overall victim satisfaction where the outcome is completely ignored, instead of on who is most affected by the crime. Nils Christie has the idea to view “Conflicts as Property” as a factor to investigate the process of the criminal justice system. Christie 's idea is that criminology to some extent has amplified a process where conflicts have been taken away from the parties directly involved and thereby have either disappeared or become other peoples property (christie, pg. 1). In order to explore Christie’s point of view, one must first understand his perspective.

Christie believes that conflict is essential to the
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Conflict as property can be interpreted in numerous ways, some may agree with Christie, others may believe he is crazy for wanting to change a system that has been working so great for the past hundred years. Through personal knowledge on criminology and information gathered through the article “Conflicts as Property,” it has become evident that my belief on the subject directly correlates with Christie’s. One way Christie demonstrates his opinion on criminology is by showing what he believes is wrong with the system today. The first illustration of how the system is flawed is in the way lawyers decide to fight their case. According to Christie, lawyers tell us that our best argument in our fight against our neighbor are without any legal relevance. (Christie, pg. 4). This was demonstrated in the article when he stated, the prosecutor claimed that the client had been one of the key people in the organization of the Nazi movement. He had been one of the masterminds behind it all. The defender, however, saved his client. He saved him by pointing out to the

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