Nilssen Orthopedics Case Study

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When Dr. Erik Nilssen recognized the anxiety and frustration that patients were dealing with as they sought medical care through the traditional system, he decided to create a state-of-the art facility centered around the patient: It is this vision that led to the creation of Nilssen Orthopedics.

Upon creating this facility, Dr. Nilssen’s goal was to provide patients from around the world with a center of excellence offering them an array of orthopedic services at a single location. Moreover, he is expanding Nilssen Orthopedics by inviting additional physicians to practice in his facility. One of these physicians is Dr. Sonya Ahmed.
Dr. Sonya Ahmed – Board Certified, Fellowship-Trained Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Ahmed brings with her an expertise in treating disorders related to the ankle and the foot. Her surgical interests
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James Andrews; Dr. Angus McBryde; Dr. John Gould; and Dr. John Kirchner.

It is during this Fellowship that Dr. Sonya Ahmed gained the knowledge necessary to treat sports-related injuries at all participation levels (i.e., high school, college and professional). Additionally, she had the opportunity to refine her surgical skills in treating disorders of the ankle and foot.
Personal Athletic Background

During her tenure at the University of Missouri – Kansas City, Dr. Ahmed earned a Track and Field scholarship. She also achieved success as an elite level gymnast and became the first competitive, conference-winning female pole vaulter at UMKC. In addition, she is the first female pole vaulter to receive the honor of being inducted into the university’s Athletic Hall of Fame.
Dr. Sonya Ahmed’s Accolades

Dr. Ahmed’s accolades speak volumes as to her reputation and expertise. Due to her skill in treating ankle and foot disorders, she has had the pleasure of serving as a consultant to the San Diego Padres and the San Diego Chargers. She also served as team physician for several high schools and

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