Nimet Porcelain Analysis

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From the Silk Road to the Internet: The Story of Nimet Porcelain

While fired earthenware can be traced back several millennia in Anatolia (what is now Turkey) it wasn’t until the 9th century AD when merchants traveling the Silk Road introduced Chinese porcelain to the area. Not long afterward local craftsmen began producing their own version of Chinese porcelain and within only a few decades many had cut the stylistic cord with China and began to produce work that incorporated more local and regional influences.

By the time of the Ottoman Empire the colors used to embellish Turkish ceramics had shifted away from the dominant blues inherited from the Chinese tradition to become more vivid and embrace various shades of purple and green along
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This clay is more malleable and the finished product less bulky with a typically more elegant profile. Once fashioned into its finished form by Nimet’s skilled and experienced potters each piece is baked twice at temperatures up to 1200°C. After the initial firing each piece is hand drawn and painted meaning each piece of Nimet porcelain is in fact a one of a kind creation. Once embellished a generous layer of enamel is applied and another 8 hours in the kiln follows resulting in a deep, lustrous, long-lasting…show more content…
Some of the movement’s key attributes are equality, transparency and mutual respect and the movement is firmly grounded in a set of core beliefs. Those being that:

A. Producers have the power to find common ground with consumers of their product.
B. Most current global trade practices produce unequal business relationships skewed in favor of the wealthy at the expense of producers in developing countries and...
C. If those producers are given the chance to receive a fair price for their work most will avoid having to depend on governmental and non-governmental aid and charity. This will in turn produce a positive cascading effect within their communities.

Nimet Porcelain at Paykoc

Paykoc Imports carries a full line of Nimet porcelain products that will brighten your table for years and ultimately become treasured family heirlooms. We’re proud to be able to offer the work of this inspiring artist and groundbreaking social pioneer. Browse our extensive online inventory of Nimet porcelain products including Turkish plates and Turkish bowls or stop by our retail showroom at 5733 Logan Court,
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