Explain The Nine Key Trends Of Global Logistics

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Logistics complexity, in the form of fragmented channels, increased product variations, product quality, and consumer demand for customized solutions, has been increasing. Several trends identified in the study demonstrate that a number of major challenges lie ahead as the world becomes a more complex place in which to operate logistically. Because of that the nine key trends of global logistics can be introduced. As the first key trend, we can introduce Customer expectations. Rising customer expectations are the most important trend, and also have to meeting customer requirements. This is also known as the objectives of the logistics. In essence, this indicate that logistics and supply chain management should primarily enable a company to…show more content…
Corporate social responsibility as a highlight for debate. However, a great deal of uncertainty remains in the deployment of these strategies, especially relative to measurement systems, evaluation and setting goals and strategies for logistics sustainability. Point eight is increased risk and disruption. The majority of companies, irrespective of size, sector, country and position in the supply chain, consider the mitigation of internal and external risks essential. Strategies for managing risk around demand and planning are also important. Solutions focused on improving transparency of tier two suppliers, inventory and demand impede mitigation and force companies into reactive strategies. Proactive strategies should include research and development, procurement, production and sales. Last point is about new technology. The majority of companies are recognizing the growing need for investments in new technology. These seek to develop capabilities around the comprehensive handling and intelligent connection of data to increase planning and control outcomes. Using JIT facilities, connecting new technologies to the production process will also help to reduce unnecessary cost and to improve the customer satisfaction
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