Nine Ptolemaic Spheres Of Hell In Dante's Inferno

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Dante’s the Inferno, is designed to demonstrate how human actions transgress their sins on Earth after death. He does so by placing the main character, Dante, in Hell, whose soul is in a lost state and must witness the consequences of sin and suffering in order to educate him on the importance of moral Christian law in order to restore the balance within his soul. To properly explore the nine ptolemaic spheres of Hell, Virgil is summoned to Dante’s distress in order to guide him through the true evils of Hell. As well as, Virgil is there to provide reason and clarity in every circle. These justifications are the core of Virgil’s guidance and furthermore, brings progressive revelations to Dante’s expedition. However, it is not Virgil who is truly guiding Dante, but it is by Mary who initiates this pilgrimage and she does so out of love. It is Mary who calls upon St.Lucius, who then calls upon…show more content…
At the beginning, similar to Mary’s desire to assist Dante, Athena confronts Zeus about Odysseus’s turmoil and her desire to see him return home. To clarify, she states, “it is for Odysseus that my heart bleeds, when I of his sufferings in that lonely sea-girt island.”Both Odysseus and Dante are lost in a sense , and are assisted by acts of love in order to restore their lost states. Athena’s interventions help Odysseus restore his family dynamic and likewise Virgil’s wisdom has aided in rehabilitating Dante’s soul. so that he is worthy to enter into heaven when the time comes. Both Dante and Homer demonstrate how vital elements of love are in the bringing of harmony. These philosophers utilize this universal sense of affection to manifest how influential this one emotion can promote and preserve the path towards

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