Nineteen Fifty-Five By Alice Walker Analysis

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Being Black in America After, reading “Nineteen Fifty-five” by Alice Walker and “Sonny’s Blues” by James Baldwin. Both stories deal with struggles of African American people. I sit down at this point and ponder around what it is to be Black in America. I comprehend exactly how there are countless influences that shakes African American folks day-to-day. One of the most negative forces destroying at young black people in America today is the widespread art, music, and literatures appearances of what a black individual is supposed to look like and how that individual is supposed to convey themselves. In “Nineteen Fifty-five” and “Sonny’s Blues both short stories is taken place during the 1950’s. Both authors are reminding the readers about the radical political movements and racial situations from the civil rights…show more content…
The two stories allow the readers to discover the struggles of young black American during the civil rights movements. In “Nineteen Fifty-five” by Alice Walker, Gracie Mae focuses on how black people have been demoralized by whites. In the story, Gracie mentioned some famous Civil Rights leaders, such as, Malcom X and Martin Luther King. These famous leaders die Fighting for equality for Black American. In “Sonny’s Blue’s” by James Baldwin. The author focuses on two brothers raised in Harlem, during the 1950’s. Throughout the 1950’s black people dealt with prejudice, discrimination, and poverty. Opportunities white had could never be offered to blacks. In both story a theme of suffering is presented. Each character in both stories had to overcome adversity and also each character in both stories dealt with racism, being black and not being accepted by whites. In “Nineteen Fifty-nine” and in “Sonny’s Blues” the characters chose music as a form of self-expression. Gracie Mae is a mature black female who decided to sell a white man by the name of
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