Nintendrone Research Paper

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Nintendrone is known to be one of the most powerful Gods in the universe. The ruler of all kinds of competitions and games who watches over every single competition, and determines the winner as best as he chooses. Who is so powerful he can determine the winner in even the closest competitions. No one can beat him in any competition or fight since he is the almighty creator and ruler of all of them. It seemed like nobody could rebel from his power and everything would be fine for him for eternity. Than on a sunny, bright day was a very important day for Nintendrone, as the two best sword fighters on Earth are going to fight to win the title of the best sword fighter on Earth (behind Nintendrone of course). Nintendrone will need to have his best determination skills to find out who wins this epic battle since the world will be watching. As the two…show more content…
Nintendrone’s angels were relieved that their worst fear hasn’t came true. Nintendrone never felt more rewarded than he ever has in his life. Nintendrone at that moment took all of Sonio’s power he had ever since he was born, Sonio obviously wasn’t happy of this. “It’s no fair you took all of the power away from me, I should’ve won the sword fight against Lynx!” Sonio raged. “ Stop denying your heart, and what a terrible decision in the first place to go against me even if you 're one hundred times more powerful than me for a stupid fight you lost!” Nintendrone then threw Sonio back down to Earth with no power at all. The saga didn’t even end there for him, the Gods that lended him some of their power to Sonio were so mad he gave nothing back to them, that Zeus, Theseus, and Aphrodite executed him. Nintendrone then apologized to his angels for ignoring them before Sonio had a fight for him. After this fight, Nintendrone then became the most powerful God in the universe. Whose life shall have no end from today til the end of
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