Nioxin Hair Thinning Summary

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Nioxin Products For Thinning Hair Review - Are They Really Worth Discovering?

In this review I will do my best to talk extensively about this hair thinning solution and provide us with useful information about why we should or should not choose it among thousands if not millions of hair thinning solutions available in the market today.

Hair thinning is a natural thing but when it becomes excessive, it calls for a deep thought and a solution.

Hair thinning occurs in both male and female. Undoubtedly, no one finds it funny when his or her hair thins excessively. This in men is called baldness.

Hair thing occurs at the mid 20s of men’s life and a bit earlier in women’s life as a result of plaiting the hair at early age and other factors.
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What Is Nioxin ?

Nioxin as a company was formed in 1987 and was later purchased by proctor and gamble for over $300 million dollars.

Noixin has in his claim that it is the best solution to a thinning hair and not necessarily a cure for hair loss. The claim of Nioxin as a hair loss solution or hair growth solution has not come from the company itself.

The company has in her product line different categories of hair thinning solution products and these products are formulated to make thinning hair look better.

The Nioxin product range includes Nioxin system for hair loss, hair growth treatments, Nioxin hair products for thinning hair in women, thinning hair treatment, hair products for styling fine thin hair and Nioxin scalp recovery.

The majority of these are available through online shops and upscale salons. A few of their specialized Nioxin products are only available in select salon locations.

Nioxin System for Hair Loss

Hair System Kit 1 is designed for normal to thin-looking, fine, natural hair. It is said to amplify hair texture while refreshing the scalp and delivering a healthy shine.
It employs BioAMP, Transactive Delivery System and Activ-Renewal to achieve
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Nioxin claims to be a powerful solution to thinning hair.

Looking at how long the company has served her customers, I believe that they should be on top of their game and also looking at them being acquired by a giant company like Proctor and Gamble, this has added more feathers to their wings.

I could find both positive and negative reviews about Nioxin brand. It seems they (the products) will achieve their claims and promises.

For a fact, there is no clinical or scientific evidence that shows how safe and effective these products are.

Having been briefed about the conditions in which Nioxin minoxidil solution should not be used, it is pertinent we adhere to them and seek the consent of a health care professional in case of discrepancies.

While we are told that Nioxin formulas are to be used continually to maintain the intended results, I will add that they might be worth checking out. You can find any of Nioxin products on Amazon at (

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