Iconotech Printing Process

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Attempt to develop a nip impression tolerance that will successfully support the Iconotech printing process and produce consistent acceptable quality print.

The Iconotech printing process is a contact printing process using a simple nip roller concept where a force is generated to print on a substrate. The print nip needs to generate a sufficient amount of constant force to the substrate that will allow ink to transfer into the fibers of the substrate, producing full and clear print. This is referred to as sufficient print pressure.

Print pressure is the difference between the dimensional nip opening and the thickness of the substrate. In an ideal world, a given print pressure set-up should produce a constant amount of
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A nonuniform nip impression can to some extent be forgiven by the ability of the substrate to be elastic and absorb or compensate for these irregularities. Printing on RSC cases, which have a relatively low modulus of elasticity (soft), is consequently forgiving of nip impression irregularities. This is why a relatively stiff 60 durometer impression roller is used to help generate a sufficient and constant print pressure across the print nip. Printing on thinner substrates shows less forgiveness and printing on bags, which to the process has no relative thickness and therefore no elasticity, is entirely governed by the ability of the impression roller to absorb and compensate for the nip impression irregularities. This is why it was determined early on that bag printing is more successful on a softer 40 durometer impression…show more content…
The printed substrate passes through the nip together with the stencil. The stencil is an intermittent “web”, passing through the nip every time there is print pressure generated. The stencil is only attached to the cylinder along the leading end of the print window, it is essentially free and is easily influenced by the same nip impression variations mentioned earlier. The most detrimental variation is a difference in print pressure across the print nip. This condition is usually seen when the print cylinder is not parallel to the impression roller or the print pressure variations are not symmetrical across the print window. This will cause the stencil to wrinkle, tear or “walk off” towards one side of the ink pad. If the pressure difference is too great the ink pad will also walk off and expose the perforated part of the screen print

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