Nipher Middle School: A Short Story

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I thoAs the sunlight of September shined through the speckled glass door of Nipher Middle School I thought I was going to die. I had returned from a weekend of sweaty palms and a shaky voice. I had just auditioned for my first show at Nipher Middle School- my first show ever. I carried myself to the fresh white paper hanging on the wall and started Immediately I caught my name. I was Sampson in our own school parody of Romeo and Juliet. I did all I could do to keep myself from jumping up and down. The rush of accomplishment and joy I felt crashed over me like waves and the pride I felt in myself that could never be taken away. When I was younger I had always been shy, awkward and teased. I started Middle School down on myself. But in that moment…show more content…
In theatre I had found success and that success is what I put my value in, it was the thing that carried me and without it, I crashed. I thought I had lost my worth. I had spent the last 3 years of my life riding on these theatrical induced highs and living my life without them hurt, I felt that I had no purpose. I had gone from a golden child to insignificant, while the beginning of high school had destroyed that part of me, it also destroyed my usually high grades and close relationships I had with friends, feeling like I was losing everything I spiraled, desperate to find what it was that made me, me. Noticing my melancholy, and knowing my love of acting, an older friend of mine suggested technical crew. With nothing to lose I attended my first meeting, from there I had done something I had never done before, I helped create the show, constructionally and technically, I had watched as pieces I created with my hands turned into a whole new world. It may seem strange, but hearing a cue you’ve been working on perfecting for hours ring out in perfect time is simply euphoric. That feeling of accomplishment and joy I had been longing to feel had returned and from there I was hooked. I worked in production from the winter of my freshman year until the spring of my sophomore
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