Nipple Jesus Short Story

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Nipple Jesus

What got me interested in nipple jesus firstly was the name of the story. I though it was a rather strange name for a story and i wanted to know what it actually was about. Nipple Jesus was quite a longer story compared to the other ones i looked through but i still decided to read it anyhow. I did not really get into the story at first and barely understood what it was that had happened to the main character and where he was, but i got through reading it and ended up actually understanding everything. It had some humorous moments but I don´t know if i liked the story or not and I was really disappointed at the ending.

But to begin with, the main character is a middle aged white man named Dave. To me he seemed like the big,
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I would say that the name of each story is one thing that brings them together, the titels are very outstanding and something that gets them attention. but the storylines are both very different compared to each other. While Nipple Jesus´s plot is about a piece of artwork Lucky Bitch is just about a woman telling about her thoughts and feelings. But another thing thank can connect them in someway is that they both are quite inappropriate in a way, the Nipple Jesus painting was despised by many people for being inappropriate and the woman in Lucky Bitch was telling about her sexual interaction with men which would be inappropriate for an older lady in society. But other than that i do not see more similarity. Nipple Jesus is also a longer story compared to Lucky Bitch which i read much faster. The main characters in both are also quite different from one another. Dave is younger he´s tall, muscular with a lot of tattoos and i pictured the lady from ”Lucky Bitch” as very feminine, petite with blonde hair, a woman who puts in a lot of work on her looks, while i pictured Dave not caring about his looks too much. And I also imagined the lady being very posh and liking the luxurious life and dating young handsome men while i imagined Dave not liking rich and posh people, maybe because he did not live a so luxurious life himself. He is married but still dreams about a life much like Tiger Woods, with millions of dollars playing some golf in Spain and having an attractive blonde girlfriend. So in that way maybe they are a little alike, both of them likes attractive people.Also i thought Nipple Jesus has a more meaning to it, for example, when Dave thinks about the painting and about its meaning he thinks that maybe it has to do with something like everything is not as it seems up close. In lucky Bitch I didn´t really find anything with more meaning behind
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