Nippon Gakki Hamana Motors: History And Problems

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The Yamaha’s history is a history of endless difficulties.
• It was founded & Genichi Kawakami became the first President
• In Hamakita-cho (present Hamamatsu city) Nippon Gakki Hamana Factory was established, Hamana-gun, Shizuoka Pref., and the production of the 125cc Yamaha motorcycle "YA-1" the first Yamaha product started
• The 3rd Mount Fuji Ascent Race was won by YA-1 in 125cc class
• The operations shifted from the Nippon Gakki Hamamatsu Research Institute to newly founded Yamaha Motor Hamamatsu Research Institute
• In Yamaha’s International racing debut it secured 6th position in U.S. 8th Catalina Grand Prix
• Nippon Gakki and local Mexican investors invested in the establishment of Yamaha De
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as subsidiary of Nippon Gakki included Yamaha International Corporation (YIC) as additional unit and Yamaha Motor products sales started
• Yamaha Motor group was joined by Showa Works Ltd.
• Yamaha released "P-7" its first outboard motor
• In France GP at World GP Round 3 Yamaha made its first appearance
• Pacific 1,000 km Motorboat Marathon was won by CAT-21 for the first time
• 1st All Japan Road Race Championship was won by 250 & 350cc classes Novice
• YMC headquarters took control of motorcycle development operations from Yamaha Research Institute
• Overseas dealers of Yamaha held first meeting
• In India Pearl Yamaha was founded with the help of local funding as tie-up with local funding and mopeds production & sales started
• Daytona Grand Prix (U.S.) was won for the first time by victory 250cc.
• In Thailand Siam Yamaha Co. was founded
• Toyota Motor Co. tie-up with Yamaha for manufacturing & development of Toyota 2000GT, in Oct. at Tokyo Motor Show first model was
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Ltd. (YDS) was founded
• "NEXT 50 - Phase II" being the new medium term management plan was announced
• Total of 10 million units of motorcycles produced in Indonesia plant was achieved
• Mitsui & Co., Ltd. joint ventured with Yamaha for motorcycle production in India
• Yamaha Motor Company (YMC) appointed Tsuneji Togami as the seventh president

• Yamaha Motor Company (YMC) appointed Hiroyuki Yanagi as the eigth president
• "EC-03" Electric commuter was released
• To increase the sales in the USA a new company was established naming New Intelligent Machinery group
• Toyota Motor Corp. ventured with the Yamaha for enhancing the future scope of Next generation vehicles with linked communications
• Government gave the permission to Yamaha for building new automobile factory in

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