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The author of this book, Nirad C. Chaudhari belongs to a town named Kishorganj which was a part of East Bengal in those days. In British administrative terms this municipal township was a sub-divisional quarters. The population of the town was about sixteen thousand and its township boundaries included three sub-urbs also. There was a river passing by the town and it divided the town into almost two equal halves. Birth place So here the author describes about his birth place kishorganj he called it’s a country has nothing of English town. since author has never being there nor in fact anywhere outside town also. kishorganj was only normal specimen of its class one among a score of collections of tin, mate, shed, comprising courts offices schools and residentials dwellings which british local government administrarive and next to…show more content…
There the author describes about the flauna anf flora which can be seen in different forms there about nature that how the sunshine and activities happens and works during this time. There are rotting vegetations, lily pond which is use for washing of mouth. The peasant difference between kishorganj and kalikutuch. Author says they mixed with at kalikutuch were hindus the peasants we saw at kishorganj were mussalmans and the hindu is less ready to resort to open violence than the mussahmans. In banagram the servants are not paid rupees of there work but in kalikutch there were paid for there work. This village is divided into two equal parts by the river kishorganj is not that much developed type of village only the route bus things are available and the daily work can only be done while else if we talk about kalikutuch. There are education, liberal, studies and worldy position there are government office, past office, hospitals etc. the first political

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