Nissan Case Study

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Introduction on Nissan Motor Company
History of the Nissan Company
Widely recognised by numerous names, this large Asian company has been manufacturing automobiles since 1914. At present, Nissan is the third biggest carmaker in Japan. Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. is a Japanese automobile company that makes cars, buses and trucks with the labels Nissan and Datsun (Hoover, 2011). Nissan also creates designs for and manufactures other equipment and devices such as machinery and communication satellites. The company’s head office is in Tokyo, Japan. Nissan came from two previous corporations—Kwaishinsha Co., which was founded in 1911 to manufacture Dat automobiles, and Jitsuyo Jidosha Co., which was established in 1919. In 1925, these two companies merged to create Dat Jidosha Seizo Co. (Magee, 2003). Eight years later, the company’s assets were taken over by other shareholders, who created Jidosha Seizo Co., Ltd., granting it its current name the subsequent year. The newly organised company was focused on the manufacture and sale of automobiles and components under a newly created label—Datsun (Hoover, 2011).
In 1935, the first Datsun passenger car rolled off the assembly line and immediately thereafter, Nissan began shipping automobiles to Australia. The Datsun Type 15 turns into the first automobile to be mass produced in Japan in 1937, which also takes the form of a delivery van and mini-pickup (Ghosn, 2007). Throughout the war period, from the late 1930s, the company shifted
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