Nissan Rouge Suvs Case Study

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In conclusion, we think the Nissan Rouge SUV is the best vehicle to add to the MobilePubs fleet. We recommend the following actions: ➢ Retain the current 7 Trucks. The existing fleet is paid for; it would be most cost effective to continue to employ the existing 7 Ford F-150 pickup trucks until they reach 200k miles; replace each of these vehicles with a Nissan Rogue SUV as they are retired. ➢ Add 14 Nissan Rouge SUVs. The MobilePubs delivery service is tripling in mileage, add 14 Nissan Rogue SUV to the MobilePubs existing fleet to accommodate this volume. MobilePubs will realize gas savings as well as help to keep the environment clean since this is a hybrid vehicle. ➢ Purchase the Nissan Rogue SUV vehicles, rather than leasing them. As the fleet vehicles would exceed the amount of mileage that can be used for leased vehicles each year, leasing will cost MobilePubs more than purchasing will in the long run. ➢…show more content…
The Automotive Fleet article indicates that the Nissan Fleet Incentive will save companies $500. On each new vehicle. If MobilePubs can wait until July to purchase the new vehicles, further savings may be realized, as car dealers will be offering incentives to clear out the 2016 models to make way for the 2017 models. By employing a fleet of 21 hybrid SUV delivery vehicles, MobilePubs will realize savings of $22,869.00 per year (vs. a fleet of 21 Ford F-150 trucks). Thank you for the opportunity to prepare this recommendation report. If you have any questions or concerns about this report, or if you would like to discuss further, please call Susan Mangino at (215) 555-5555 or by email at

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