Nitric Acid Lab Report

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Research Question: How does the concentration of the nitric acid affect the the time for the magnesium to dissolve or react. Hypothesis: If the concentration of the nitric acid is lower, the magnesium strips will dissolve slower and each time the concentration acid is higher the magnesium strip will dissolve faster. The reason for magnesium strips to dissolve faster when the concentration of the nitric acid is higher is because the reaction of this experiment is exothermic and when more energy is given out the faster the magnesium strips will dissolve. Collision theory is when different reactions collide at different rates, a slow reaction have a low rate of reaction and a fast reaction have a high rate of reaction. The reason for magnesium to dissolve slower with lower Nitric acid Mols is that lower Mols of a nitric acid contains lower energy and when the magnesium collide with a nitric acid that contains a low level of energy, it does not create a reaction. But if the energy of the Nitric acid Mols is high the magnesium dissolve faster…show more content…
Describe how it is controlled? Explain why it needs to be controlled? Concentration of the Acid It is controlled by changing the Nitric Acid mols. To see which level of Nitric Acid mols cause the magnesium strip to dissolve faster. Time for magnesium to dissolve It is controlled by using a stopwatch to see the amount of time it takes for the magnesium strips to dissolve. To check the time for each magnesium strips to dissolve in the Nitric acid and to see what is the average duration of magnesium strip to dissolve in Nitric acid in different mols. Apparatus: We need Safety Goggles, so nitric acid could not get into our eyes. 5 Nitric Acid with different Mols Graduated Cylinder to pour 10 ml of nitric acid in

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