Nitroaromatics Research Paper

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Nitroaromatic compounds are the major group of pollutants because they enter into environment in large quantities, are toxic and resistant to degradation and bioaccumulate. Nitroaromatics such as nitrobenzene, nitrotoluenes, nitrophenols, nitrobenzoates and nitroanilines are extensively used in industry for the manufacture of pesticides, explosives, dyes, plastics and pharmaceuticals. There are reports of widespread contamination of soil, water and atmosphere by nitroaromatic compounds. Nitrotoluenes are used in the large scale manufacture of explosives such as 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT), which has led to the contamination of soil.
Environmental pollution by Nitroaromatic compounds
Nitroaromatics are stable, persistent, toxic and mutagenic and many of them are suspected or recognized carcinogens (Lotufo et al., 2009; Marvin-Sikkema and de Bont 1994; Nishino et al., 2000; Padda et al., 2003; Purohit and Basu 2000; Reiger and Knackmuss 1995). Most of nitroaromatics are listed on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s list of priority pollutants (Keith and Telliard 1979; U.S.EPA 2006). Additionally, the food and drug administration (FDA) have found that nitroaromatics have been entered the food chain. There are report on mutagenic nitroaromatic compounds
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In addition, they also find applications in the preparation of wide variety of products such as drugs, rocket propellants, celluloid, photographic developers, paints and polishes, electric batteries, coloured glass, safety matches etc (Beard and Noe 1981; Dunlap 1982; Hirai 1999; Meidl 1970; Plunkett 1966; Windholz et al., 1976; Ware 1994) (Table

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