Nivea Case Study Summary

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A NIVEA CASE STUDY: THE USE OF THE MARKETING MIX IN PRODUCT LAUNCH Question # 1: Evaluate the product strategy of NIVEA ( How it is good, different and unique from others). ANSWER: The first step to build any successful mix is to understand the market. NIVEA is one of those brands which use their research knowledge and understanding in developing a new product. NIVEA uses focus groups to listen to consumers directly and gather data from consumers through variety of research techniques and even through product testing. NIVEA has a competitive advantage over other brands as they all are usually problem focused and offer medicated solution but it is one of those brands which understand what its targeted audience wants. In this case study NIVEA VISAGE young is a skin care range which offers beautifying benefit rather than solution to skin problems. It is mainly focused on targeting girls who don not want medicated products but want a regime for their normal skin. NIVEA is one of those brands that successfully stand in being unique and different from other skin care brands because they are more consumer friendly and more committed to environment as well. They test their improved products on their targeted audience first before finalizing it or re launching it. NIVEA differs from other brands as their product strategy includes environment friendly techniques that is to reduce packaging and waste by using large containers or packet size. They also use natural products different

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