Nixon Paranoia

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In America 2.3 percent of the population suffers from Paranoid Personality Disorder. Who would have ever expected that, that 2.3 percent would find it’s way to a high placed authority such as the White House. Paranoid Personality disorder often pairs itself with successful people since those are the type of people who are most concerned about losing their title and position at the top. It was not odd to find out that the 2.3 percent of Americans who suffer this disorder are mostly celebrities and political figures. Our political figures throughout time have used their small sense of paranoia to keep Americans safe and govern the people well. Most Americans confuse this paranoia with a representation of security. Hence why political figures…show more content…
He had amassed a collection of government fills, tape records, and intelligence on the common people in the Watergate building. After it was broken into, files were stolen and released to the public. It was the first real time that the general public learned just how paranoid Nixon was, but also how much he wanted to keep the power he already had. As these precious documents surfaced, one could see in full light that Nixon exhibited all the symptoms of Paranoid Personality Disorder. He was always distrustful of people, he recorded every encounter he had, so that one could twist his words against him. He never listened to the other side of the story, and was constantly hypervigilant. He lived in a constant fear of losing his precious power as President. It was later these events that cost Nixon his presidency, and that Paranoid Personality Disorder became more widely talked about. Paranoid Personality Disorder had found its way into the white house via Richard Nixon 's presidency. He will forever be defined by the actions of his presidency, and the actions that were driven by the disorder that affect 2.3 percent of the
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