Nixon's Involvement In The Burglary At Watergate

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Since he accomplished achievements during his first-term, it was not difficult to gain most of the votes for his second-term. As an ambitious person, this demanded to do something more to secure his triumph. 9“The two victories, by the Republican in the presidential race and by the Democrats in the congressional races, dominated American politics over the following twenty-two months, a period characterized by more bitterness, divisions, and pure hatred than any since the Reconstruction.” 10“So, on election night 1972, Nixon could not enjoy his triumph.” 11He was not planning how to bring the people together, but he was planning to destroy his enemies before they destroy him. 12Also, he knew that the Democrats, the bureaucracy, the media and the courts will soon go after him.…show more content…
Five men were immediately arrested in the office of the Democratic National Committee. This was not any kind of burglary, for they stole secret documents from the Democrats. The event happened while Nixon’s second-term campaign was proceeding. 13Later that month, rumors began about Nixon’s involvement In the burglary at Watergate, and many people, including politicians, suggested that Nixon should resign. There was enough evidence to accuse the five men, yet Nixon was the only one accused for being the leader. It is said that the purpose for this break-in was for Nixon to triumph the election. White House official did not want any reporting, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) soon found out that Nixon wished to destroy Democrats during his re-election. Few of them did resign to avoid

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