Njaga Gagne Case

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Monday 5 January, Njaga Jagne had been arrested as he got off a plane at Dulles international airport near Washington DC. He was charged with organising a failed attempt to overthrow Yahya Jammeh, the military ruler of Gambia. Gambia is a slender riverine nation of fewer than 2 million people. had served with the US army, had already confessed to US investigators, telling them he was one of a small group of men from the diaspora who had taken part in a botched nighttime attack in December on Jammeh’s residence. The strange thing is that the alleged coup plotters were middle-aged immigrants, who had made good lives for themselves in America over the course of decades, with careers, wives, children, savings, suburban houses, and citizenship. The Gambia Freedom League attempted to kill Jammeh with about a dozen fighters and small arms they had smuggled into the country. However, when they charged at the presidential mansion, expecting support from covert allies inside, they were met instead with a volley of bullets. At least four were killed.Facebook. The Gambia’s overseas diaspora amounts to maybe 70,000 people worldwide, and the Census Bureau…show more content…
One man failed to show up, taking with him one of their two pairs of night vision goggles. Nonetheless, Sanneh called his State House contacts to say he was coming. He and Njaga went with the team that approached the front door, while Faal went with the team taking the rear. The plan was for Njaga to fire his M4 rifle once in the air as a signal to their Gambian collaborators. But when the shot went up, the guards out front instead opened fire on him. Due to the circumstances of his death, the United States seemed unwilling to press for repatriation. Since then, the body has completely disappeared, and there is no death
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