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“Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” -Salvador Dalî 1904-1989. As Salvador Dalî has said, in order for intelligence to truly be intelligence, it requires ambition. I believe that this quote perfectly describes the quality of scholarship (specifically defined as academic study or achievement; learning at a high level), for this quality can only be obtained through the extreme effort and desire to become intelligent. I, personally, believe that I demonstrate this quality exceptionally well, causing me to be an excellent candidate for NJHS. To corroborate on why I think of myself this way, we can look to one of my personal experiences: my experience at the Dawson College Bound Summer Summit. Towards the end of my sixth grade year, my science teacher, Mrs. Kuhlman, informed me that I have been nominated to join the selective Dawson College Bound Summer Summit program--a program in which about sixty or so sixth grade students out of the Clark County School District are asked to apply to participate in attending their prestigious school for four weeks during the sixth and seventh grade summer vacation (link to website). Dazzled by the description of the program and the fact that I was selected to apply, I immediately filled out the online form, exerting as much effort in the application as possible. Nearly two months later, I was informed that I was accepted. My summer at that program last year was an amazing learning experience that both humbled me and showed me exactly how intelligent I am.

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