No Bit No Bridle Analysis

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No Bit; No Bridle

Be not like a horse or a mule, without understanding, which must be curbed with bit and bridle.
Psalm 32:9 ESV

No bit, no bridle are needed this day.
We'll willingly work as we plunge into the fray.
No horse, no mule need pull our cart;
We'll pull it ourselves, we'll do our part.

Counsel us Lord; guide us, our deeds.
But with no bit, no bridle – no form of leads.
Allow us to work according to your plan.
With you as our counsel, we need no advice from man.

Give us your strength; let our steps never be slow,
And to no other man let us anything owe.
Your strength is sufficient; we trust in you always,
As boldly we go along this life's byways.

Your work we will do as we understand.
And according to your plan, not that of man.
We trust in your guidance; you meet our every need.
We'll work for you always
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We need to make the choice he desires most dearly.

Repent and be baptized were the words John preached,
As he prepared the way for us to be reached.
The kingdom is near Christ proclaimed at the start.
Turn to me now and give me your heart.

The word if is small, but its meaning is clear.
He expects us to turn, that move he will cheer.
He's asked us before, in fact, he implored,
That we turn to him and accept him as Lord.

He'll heal our land and bless our work now.
If we'll repent of our sins and on our knees bow.
So let's turn today and answer his call,
To allow him to repair the damage caused by the fall.

With his good favor, he'll extend a helping hand,
As he reaches down from heaven to heal our land.
Let's make that turn now without further delay.
We and our land cannot wait another day.


Father, as you implored of Solomon, may we seek your face and pray to you, dear Lord, to forgive our sins and heal our land without further delay. Good Work Habits

He will render to each one according to his works."
Romans 2:6 ESV

I find the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have.

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