No Child Character Analysis

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The play No Child. . . by Nilaja Sun is a play within a play that is about a group of students that go to a less fortunate school, these students in this particular tenth grade class are known for being the worst class in all of Malcolm X. high school. This class is assigned a teaching artist named Ms. Sun who will teach them a play called Our Country’s Good and many valuable life lessons. For the play, No Child. . . there can be little to one actor or actress or even up to seventeen different people playing a part. Every character is very important to show different roles, ideas, and actions but there are three main characters that have the biggest roles and effects throughout the play which are the Janitor Baron, Mr. Sun, and Shondrika. These three characters have great…show more content…
Memorized, rehearsed, added costumes, a small set, even added a rap or two at the end – don’t tell the playwright! . . .” (Sun 1377) said by Janitor Baron. Ms. Sun is the most important character in the play because she is the teaching artist that opens the kids minds up shows them that they don’t have to be what people make them out to be or what others believe they will be they can become whatever that want as long as they put their mind to it, for example after the play Coca a student tell Ms. Sun “. . . You taught me that. “Man is born free” right. . . I mean, even though it’s going to be a girl (Beat.) I know we was mad hard so thank you” (1380). For one of the students that played a big part in the play, it was Shondrika because she was against the whole idea of an assigned teaching artist and didn’t want to participate in the play at all but she still stepped up and did what she needed to do once she realized what was actual important. Shondrika also took all the life lessons she learned from Ms. Sun and brought them with her throughout the rest of her life to help her work past the people that doubted her and continued to succeed, Janitor Baron say “. .
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