No Child Left Behind Act Argumentative Essay

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The No Child Left Behind Act has not shown improvement, however it has now been reauthorized. The No Child Left Behind act was “passed by Congress with the overwhelming bipartisan support in 2001 and signed into the law by President [George] Bush.” The objective of the No Child Left Behind act was to give the less fortunate schools a chance to obtain Title I money by improving the academic achievement of the disadvantaged. Since the founding of our country, education has had huge impact on our democracy. Congress and President Barack Obama, realizing the flaws of the No Child Left Behind Act, decided to amend the law. The No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 was the first federal law requiring schools to assess students and to put forth standards…show more content…
The No Child Left Behind act originally was to improve our student’s knowledge but had resulted differently in overly testing students . You’re tested about 14 or more times throughout your middle school and high school years depending on your school district requirements. The government is now willing to do whatever it takes to do to receive money for testing students. An example of how extreme this testing has become can be found in the situation of a student named Joe. He was hospitalized, preparing for open brain surgery, when he was rudely interrupted by his teacher’s visit, with a number two pencil and a standardized test. His school still expected him to complete the standardized test. (cite your source for this)Testing has reached that point where it has become unacceptable because now “twenty five states mandate one formal assessment test in kindergarten.” Testing is no problem when it’s being provided to obtain knowledge but when it has reached the point where testing is just replacing students with a number that’s a problem. A score doesn't always show the comparison of an uneducated and educated or even
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