No Church In The Wild Analysis

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I will be analysing the song No Church In The Wild by Kanye West featuring Jay Z, Frank Ocean and The Dream. Song was also featured on Kanye and Jay Z’s joint collaborative album “Watch the Throne.” And for those wondering who Kanye West is, Kanye West is a hip hop record producer, songwriter, entrepreneur and fashion designer So when we look at the music video, which was shot in the Czech Republic. We realize the video features neither Kanye nor Jay Z. Instead we are focused upon a clash between a large number of rebels and an extremely heavily armed police force. Not given any form of information regarding why the riot is taking place in the first place The beat of the song is comprised of a creeping, crawling guitar riff and a…show more content…
Jesus worked hard manual labour as a carpenter. On the other hand Kanye hustled his instrumentals around the country in hope and pursuits to make it big. It wasn’t until the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus at his baptism where he was able to begin spreading his message of Christianity, whilst Kanye couldn’t begin his career as a rapper and producer until Jay Z endorsed and signed him to Rocafella records. theme of free will Goes against what has been discussed thus far. From improving to create a new one altogether. removes all of the restrictions that an organized religion would have markets it with one simple, rule – honesty Drug use to a polygamous relationship are allowed so long as there is honesty in the relationship (consent) The moral of this song is simple: You have to fight for yourself in everyday life and there is nobody else that can save you. Hence the title No church in the wild. it is in fact highlighting issues regarding the corruption and abuse on the behalf of those in religious power. Who utilize religion for their personal benefit (personal
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