No Circumcision Argumentative Essay

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Circumcision Versus No Circumcision There are many things that parents need to be educated on when having a baby boy, one being a circumcision. One of the biggest controversies pertaining to a newborn baby boy is a circumcision, and whether this surgical procedure should be performed. The Urology Care Foundation notes, “A circumcision is cutting away the skin ("foreskin") that covers the tip of a baby's penis.” There are many new parents who don’t think about something like this, because of the excitement of a new baby and others who don’t think about it due to religion. Nurses play a big role to patients who have just given birth to baby. The nurse’s job is to educate and care for patients who are parents, or parents to be. This paper will be based on the controversy of circumcising a newborn baby boy versus not doing a circumcision.
Positions and Arguments There are many positions and arguments on circumcising a newborn because there are many positives and
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The positives of a circumcision are decreasing risks for urinary tract infections and it can also be healthier in the future, depending on the cleanliness of the person. Milos, M. F., RN, & Macris, D., CNM, MSN notes “removing the foreskin of male newborns could prevent diseases, such as foreskin inflammation, urinary tract infections, and sexually transmitted diseases.” These are some positive effects of doing circumcision. There are also negative effects of doing a circumcision as well. Krill, A. J., Palmer, L. S., & Palmer, J. S notes, “Early complications such as: bleeding, pain, inadequate skin removal, and surgical site infection tend to be minor and quite treatable.” There are also late signs such as cysts, regrowth of the skin, adhesions, penial reconstruction, and metritis per Krill, A. J., Palmer, L. S., & Palmer, J. S. These are just some of the negatives that come along with
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