Fate In 'No Country For Old Men'

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No Country for Old Men is a film based as meditation on chance and destiny. This movie is borrowed from the novel by Cormac McCarthy. There are many wrongs done in the movie and there is very little that anyone can do to bring things back to order. The movie opens with an older man’s voiceover that is more compassionate than ruthless. While roaming through the aftermath of a Texas drug deal that had collapsed, a Vietnam veteran called Llewellyn Moss (Josh Brolin) discovers two million dollars and a substantial amount of heroin hidden in the back of the vehicle. Moss becomes the victim of a puzzling killer, Anton Chigurh, who determines with the flip of a coin the fate of his victims. In this series of drama, Bell (Tommy Lee Jones) struggles to contain the rapidly escalating violence. Fate is inevitable just like change. No Country for Old Men has one important theme as fate. This paper looks at several instances and scenes that justify fate in this movie. Anton Chigurh serves as death and fate in the movie. Carla Jean…show more content…
Yes, bloodletting is at the core of the movie, and the ending is as downbeat as the opening scenes. But, gosh, you know you have been to see a great film,” (Adams). Many critics have pointed out that ‘No Country for Old Men’ is one of well-crafted films of the 21st century and the best of Coen brothers’ films. The acting is really good, as all the principals appear to have been born into these characters. The structure of the film flows well and the story is constructed in a manner that provides contemplation. The motif of blood is wonderfully introduced and carried throughout the scenes. However, the humor in the film is off-putting and its more philosophical questions present some difficulties in understanding them. Again, the film’s energy is high, despite being a rather slow-paced affair. In a nut shell, the film is simple with complex implications which are not shown in a satisfying
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