No Country For Old Men Film Analysis

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Introduction A psychopath, according to Robert Kolker, is a person whose persistent antisocial behavior indicates signs of impaired empathy and remorse. Psychopathy or sociopaths is an antisocial personality disorder (ASPD) that may begin manifesting in childhood and continue into adulthood (Kolker 15). Common signs that a person may be suffering from ASPD include telling inconsistent lies, acting impulsively, random violence and destruction, or being sadistic and manipulative. In most films, psychopathic characters are depicted as aggressive, sexually depraved, violent, destructive, unsympathetic and empathetic, emotionally unstable and bizarre mannerisms such as giggling or laughing even after committing a brutal murder (Genter 134). Many…show more content…
The situation even worse when some of his victims of rape died in strange circumstances. Therefore, Alex is not bothered about the pain that his victims’ families will receive. Even in after being welcomed and fed by one of the people that he raped his wife, Alex does not show any sign of regret. He does not say sorry to the man although the pain that he knows the man suffered especially after his wife died. Another depiction of psychopathic characters as violent is evident in the film No Country for Old Men by Javier Bardem. The film is being ranked as one of the most violent by how the main actor Anton Chigurh does with his victims. According to the film, Anton Chigurh approaches murder with weird sense of normalcy (Kolker 173). He is not sympathetic at all of shoot all his bullets on a victim. The character does not show any emotion at all for humanity. Therefore, the sense of normalcy showed by Anton Chigurh when he takes the lives of his victims let the viewers wondering if he has any regret in his victims. In some cases, the actor even laughed loudly after killing his victims. His approach to life depicts a typical psychopath who is ready to commit any form of violence without thinking twice (Greven 175). This type
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