Comparison Of Pre-Modern Fairy Tales

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Then and Now When you enter the world of fairy tales it opens the door to learning life lessons by the means of entertainment, fascination and creativity. The most important information fairy tales provide are valuable lessons you can use during life, like how to act appropriately when confronted with bad behavior or the importance of knowing who to trust. When you are reading fairy tales it is easy to correlate the stories to events that you may have experienced, witnessed or are related to problems and challenges life throws at you. By using symbolism fairy tales use fictional characters to teach important critical behaviors and decisions needed for life lessons in a way that peaks the interest of the reader or the person listening. No one has ever encountered a dragon in their daily lives unless it is a Komodo Dragon at the local zoo. However, they may…show more content…
Even though the earlier versions of fairy tales may have been more violent, frightening and overtly sexual they still provided lessons and morals to be learned. Fairy tales provide us another prospective, they are complex iterations of life and the challenges that it contains. Regardless of who is reading the stories, a young girl, or older man, there is always a lesson to be learned through fairy tales. Sometimes lessons are less pronounced than others, but this may be because we have to connect our own personal situations to them for the meaning to be revealed. Those who learned from pre-modern fairy tales have an advantage earlier in life than those who are not exposed to fairy tales. Those people can only learn these valuable life lessons by experience or possibly not at all. The morals and lessons fairy tales provide make us a better person and those who miss these lessons are destined to make mistakes. Fairy tales take us to a place where happily ever after are where dreams can come
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