No Dog Park In Residential

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No Dog Park In Residential Dogs are not a nusence, but a dog park in a residential area of the city is not the right choice. A dog park can cause problems for people living around the dog park. And a lack of responsibility from dog owners would not help the burdon of a residential located dog park. Not to mention the means of who is going to pay for the contruction and to maintain the park, the taxpayers.

A dog park has no place in a residential area. Now a dog park would give a dog a place to exercise and play it would be a disturbance to the residents that live close to the dog park. Not only would there be pleanty of dogs that would be barking wether that be at another dog or a starnger, it would not be the best sound to hear all day everyday. A dogs bark avereges at 75 decibles biggers dogs can bark at 100 decibles which "even through a closed window, a dogs bark can reach a noise level that is mentally upsetting". Reports/complaints about this have come from Reston,Virgina and Chandler, Arizona.
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Now there are rules at a dog park even though you can take your dog off their leash in most dog parks. But in some areas you have to have a permit to be able to let your dog off their leash and provide it if asked, which most do not or don 't bring the permit. One of the many rules that arent enforced onto dog owners at dog parks, and normal things that can 't be stopped such as when a dog attacks another dog or a complete stranger it 's an action that will eventually
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