No Easy Day Character Analysis

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“The only easy day was yesterday- Navy SEAL Philosophy. Long Live the Brotherhood.” (Owen, Dedication Page) In the book No Easy Day by Mark Owen, in the book Owen explains his experience as a Navy Seal as he participates in a few pivotal moments in history. Such as the rescue of Captain Phillips and then the mission that killed Osama Bin Laden. By telling his own true story Owen allows the reader to see these events through his eyes; by describing each of the unique characters, portraying the different settings, and providing the colorful use of imagery. Throughout Owen’s life he meets a few people who are experiencing everything with him, as he describes them he not only talks about their physical appearance but their personalities. For example…show more content…
Being in the DEVGRUs was no easy task, Owen’s had to be adaptable starting with his sleeping cycle: “we work vamp very aired hours-sleep all day and work at night” (Owen, 55) by having missions at night it allowed them to have more cover, and made their missions more effective. On one of these vampire hour missions Owen’s and the army’s Delta Unit (Delta unit is the army’s best of the best) fly to a rooftop for a mission. As they fly to their designated rooftop over Baghdad, Owen put his night vision goggles on and describes what he saw: “From one of the other helicopter, one of the Delta guys saw me looking and flipped me the bird. I returned the salute.”(Owen, 57) Owen’s definitely worded this phrase so it had a lighter mood to it, and allowed a different perspective for the reader. Causing the reader to see this in a different light and giving a whole new meaning to the phrase through the use of imagery. Another time that Owen uses imagery is another time that he was on a helicopter on a mission. The mission was for him and his team to fly to the compound where Osama Bin Laden was staying. But instead of describing a fellow soldier Owen’s explains how he felt when the helicopter had some technical difficulties as the helicopter begins to crash. Owen describes his experience as: “Suddenly I felt the helicopter kicked to the right ninety degrees and I could feel my stomach drop like riding a roller coaster.”(Owen, 211) In spite of the roller coaster crash landing they were able to successfully complete their mission. With the use of imagery Owen gave a deeper meaning to what he was saying and makes it easier for the reader to relate and understand the

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