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The intelligence showed that he was in living in the suburbs in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The team was given as much intel the CIA had, but the CIA didn’t know how many people were residing in the house or the layout of the house. The team was training for weeks until the President gave the go to do the mission. They had an about forty-three minute window to invade the base before the Taliban responded & headed to the base to defend Osama Bin Laden. They completed their mission on May 2,2011. They killed him instead of capturing him.
He has done many other missions. One of them was saving Captain Philips from Somali Pirates. The team killed three of the pirates, & arrested the fourth member. That member is currently in a federal prison
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Dedication is a feeling of very strong support for or loyalty to someone or something. Dedication is even in the title No Easy Day. What the title means is that if you put your mind & body into what your doing, its not going to be easy because your pushing yourself through so much pain & suffering to get better at what your doing.
There are other quotes if dedication in this book. Another one is " The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday". What this quote means is that you you’ve did your best & survived & the day is over with, that was the easy day. It is a quote to bring hope.
The members of the SEALs go through so much training, which goes through so much dedication. Normal people who go through their training will quit in the first five minutes, because they couldn’t take it. Dedication is what pushed them to do better & to keep them from quitting. It 's outstanding how these people manage their attitude & mental capability to go through hours of intense training. They not only know what they are doing, but they are perfect at what they are doing.
These people run drill after drill until they get the expected outcome: to perfect the drill. These people are down to shoot when it 's drill
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