No God But God Analysis

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Based upon your own assessment of the movie "The Message" and your reading of No God but God, write a cogent essay on Diversity in pre-Islamic Mecca and Medina.
Pre Islamic Mecca and Medina was known to be very diverse with people coming together from different races, nationalities, religions, and genders to form a varied community. It is interesting how a desert area known for its barren and uniform landscape created such a richly diverse community. From the movie The Message by Mustapha Akkad, and the book No God but God by Reza Aslan we can see that this diversity in the desert was mainly due to the presence of the Kaba, a universal sanctuary where Gods of many religions resided, and the proximity of Mecca and Medina to the red sea that made them ideal resting grounds for travelers. In this essay, I will analyze the level of diversity and its effect on pre-Islamic Mecca and Medina using the movie The Message and the book No God but God.
It is clear from both sources we viewed in class that pre-Islamic Mecca and Medina had great religious diversity. In his book No God but God, Reza Aslan claims that “In all, there are said to be three hundred sixty idols housed in and around the Kaba, representing every god recognized in the Arabian Peninsula.” Therefore people from all over Arabia congregated in this area to worship their gods. This image is clearly presented in the movie The Message where we see the many different gods being worshipped around the Kaba like the god Hubel
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