No More Horses Analysis

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The short story, "No More Horses" is written by Robert Matt Taylor. The story once became the story of the week on the Narrative Magazine, which is a literature website, where everyone is able to submit and share their own literature with others.

"No More Horses" is a story about a kid and his uncle.
The kid would always be shipped off to stay with his uncle, somewhere near Seattle, whenever his parents felt like they needed a vacation.
It seems like there have been some family feuds over the uncles ' house in Seattle. The grandparents of the kid died, and left the house to the uncle and the kid 's mother, but the uncle got to keep the house.
The kid feels that his uncle might owe his family something and that he gets to make up for it
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The uncle tries to share his passion for music with the kid. He gives his old guitar away to the kid. And he also shows him a few songs, and talks to the kid about the music.

I don 't think that there 's any outstanding main theme in this story. It 's mostly just a tale of a boy, who basically lived with his uncle. But there are smaller themes like coming-of-age and family, but they 're not very prominent.
But the kid seems to head toward the road of transitioning from a child to an adult, and I think that his uncle seems to be helping him in the transition. He 's already become very independent and is able to travel alone, which is something that prepares you for adulthood.

I think that it 's a great story! I actually really like the writing style, because of the unformal language. I think that the language that 's being used truly makes the story.
I don 't think I 'd like it as much if it was written differently. It wouldn’t be as entertaining, if it weren 't for all the extra sentences. It 'd be boring and bland.
All in all, it 's an interesting story with interesting characters. I 'd love to know how the relationship in the story develops, or if it develops at
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