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No One Killed Jessica

No One Killed Jessica, a 2011 Indian thriller film based on a true story on the murder case of Jessica Lall written and directed by Raj Kumar Gupta is a poignant story of two women’s battle for justice starring Rani Mukerji and Vidya Balan. It is a sensational incorporation of facts and fiction inspired by a series of real life events. Jessica Lall, a model and restaurant worker in Delhi was brutally shot dead by Siddharth Vashisht, more commonly known as Manu Sharma because she refused to serve him and his friends some drinks after the bar had closed down. Manu was the son of an influential and powerful politician Vinod Sharma. Jessica’s sister Sabrina Lall (Vidya Balan) along with her parents fought for justice for
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It shows the ferocious face of the society. Even after so many people being present and witnessing the murder of Jessica Lall, the rich and powerful Manu is acquitted due to his influential father. If it were not for news reporter Meera, Manu would have yet been a free man after committing such a heinous crime. This shows how sometimes in life hope comes from an unforeseen source. The best part about this film is that the story line is kept as closely as possible to the original story. One of the most priceless scenes of the film is where the murderer’s mother tells his politician father, ‘kuch bhi karo, mere Manu ko kuch nahin hona chahiye’. It speaks volumes about the murderer’s upbringing. This film makes you feel frustrated, enraged, frenzy and at the same time melancholic and desolated at the Indian justice administration system. But at the end it also leaves you with a little bit of hope that somewhere down the line the ordinary man can and must make a difference in this crooked country. The candle light gathering at the end where the entire nation unites for justice for Jessica gives a satisfactory feeling that everything is going to be all right and we must never lose hope. All Amit Trivedi’s tracks especially ‘Dilli Dilli’ give an adrenaline rush and feeling of courage to the audience. It motivates the ordinary man to fight for what is right. Raj Kumar has done a good job with the dialogues. They have a lot of…show more content…
Right from sleepy Sabrina receiving a phone call about her sister Jessica’s murder along with all the events to follow till the candle light march have kept the audience gripped onto every single dialogue in the film. Vidya Balan playing the role of Jessica’s sister Sabrina has done an extraordinary job. The nerdy girl look she put on was brilliantly portrayed. The sort of masculine and shapeless clothes she wears in the film are completely in sync with her character. Her expressions of a broke yet determined for justice girl have been enacted perfectly. Being in the middle class section of the society she did not realize the power vested within the hands of Manu’s family to clean up the evidence by bribing the wittnesses and save their son. Vidya put on a naïve attitude very well. She believed the police and all the wittnesses were on her side when actually they all were part of the dirty politics as well. Her body language timid and facial expressions of desperation for justice are constant throughout the film. The scene where she just lashes out and releases all her pent up frustration was one of the best in the film. Her performance has filled the hearts of the audience with pity and sympathy. Vidya has shown very well how the common man survives in this country against all odds: with courage and dignity. Rani Mukerji,

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