No One Knows By Louise Bentley Analysis

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Section Three returns back so as to recount the tale of Louise Bentley, "a quiet, grouchy tyke, needing love more than whatever else on the planet and not getting it." At fifteen, she cleared out the ranch to live with the Hardy family around the local area so she could go to class. At the point when the two Hardy little girls dismiss her, she feels that "in the middle of herself and the various individuals on the planet, a divider had been developed." In edginess, she slips a note under the entryway of John's room. "I need somebody to cherish me and I need to love somebody," her note peruses. John translates this message as George Willard deciphers Louise Trunnion's message in "No one Knows"; Louise Bentley and John Hardy get to be partners…show more content…
A lonely woman with a vicious temper, she is estranged from her father, and marries young out of a craving for love. Her marriage is not a success. The little girl of Jesse Bentley and focal character in one of the four sections of "Righteousness." Louise, feeling rejected by her dad, wedded youthful John Hardy, who turned into an effective broker. Louise, then again, remained a miserable, astringent, and savage individual, who was sincerely not able to give her child David the steady love which a youngster needs.
Jesse and Katherine's little girl, Louise is disliked from the beginning. As a young person she is sent to the Hardy family to go to class yet distances the Hardy little girls with her diligent work. Louise had needed more than just the average companion however John only wanted and needed sex. They wed on the grounds that Louise may be pregnant yet Louise feels caught by her circumstance. After David's introduction to the world, she begins to change and started all of this while in the middle of adoring and despising her child. She invests a large portion of her energy as a loner and alternate as a raving neurotic. She feels she was deceived from adoration in light of the fact that she was a
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