No Responsibility In The Glass Castle

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“The Glass Castle” made me realize how responsible and unselfish my parents are in my life. “The Glass Castle” is a memoir, written by Jeannette Walls, that shows no relations with the Walt DIsney quote through illustrating an opposite mindset towards helping a child and hindering a child from.“The Glass Castle” gives various examples of how Rex and Rose Mary Walls raise and talk to their children as if they were adults; without showing any affection that will cause a hunger for higher mental stature.
Rex and Rose Mary, In some situations, let their kids do what they want, and how they want, and at times, kind of forsake them.Throughout the novel, Jeanette clarifies various occurrences of herself and her kin, fending for themselves, since her …show more content…

While perusing this novel I 've noticed that the reason they are so merciful, is on the account of Rex having no responsibility with the family money. A small reason this family doesn 't have a lot of money is because their mother and father don’t have stable employments. But rather what had a gigantic effect on how they were raised was the way that their father, Rex, was a alcoholic Rex 's liquor addiction influenced the entire family, from spending all the cash on liquor, to his inebriated wraths. For instance, when Jeanette 's mom left for Charleston for a legislature supported summer camp, she gave Jeanette two hundred dollars for two months. Jeanette, computed a financial plan, which made the her ready to help the family for those two months. Rex, knowing she was on a tight spending plan, still managed to purchase liquor and cigarettes. This left the children on a significantly more tightly spending plan for the remaining two months. In this circumstance, Rex thought more about his dependence on liquor and cigarettes than his youngsters and their need of food. Rex spent required cash on liquor, he additionally returned home ‘sloppy drunk’ and raging at Rose and his children. Jeanette describes, “He broke windows, and smashed dishes and furniture until he’d spent all his anger.” Although, Rose Mary and the children put up with his inebriate acts, he continuously frighten and

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