No Silver Bullet-Essence And Accident In Software Engineering

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In “No Silver Bullet-Essence and Accident in Software Engineering” by Frederick Brooks, it tells the reader that there is no silver bullet for developing software. To explain, there is no single development to solve all the difficulties. To build the software, it is always difficult, time-consuming, and expensive endeavor. The author classifies the difficulties as essential difficulties and accidental difficulties. Essential difficulties are difficulties that cannot be solved and include “complexity, conformity, changeability, and invisibility.” Complexity is one of the essential properties that software development always faces and has many options and machine states when building the software. Also, conformity means that the software has a lot of essential errors. Although the logic of the software work, it does not guarantee that the software would work. Changeability indicates that the software continues to change while maintaining same basic design because the software embodies its function in the system. Invisibility points that although it is able to represent the flow of controlling data, patterns of dependency, time sequence, and name-space relationship with graph, it still has problem to visualize all the process. Compare to essential difficulties, accidental difficulties are difficulties that are in the current software development but it is solvable. Brooks gave some steps as examples. Firstly, using high-level language increases software productivity,

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